Stable release of Balto for self-hosting.

What's the right Balto solution for you?

  • If you want to self-host Balto and need full control of the architecture, such as load balancing, multiple app servers, or database services hosted separately, use Balto-app.
  • If you want to self-host Balto and need a single application host but want to configure your own database services (either on the host or hosted separately), then use Balto-web.
  • If you want to self-host Balto and need a simple, single-host solution, and can handle your own offsite backups, firewalls, etc., then use Balto-system.
  • If you want all of the above handled for you, use Balto Cloud.

Debian Packages

This repository has the following packages:

Name Description Latest Release Date
balto-app Balto repository application. 0.9.9-1
balto-system Complete Balto system on a single host. 0.9.0-3
balto-virtualenv Python dependencies for Balto application 0.9.9-1
balto-web Balto application including HTTP server on a single host. 0.9.0-4

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